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Member Resources

From Challenges to Comebacks: Overcoming Financial Setbacks

CalendarMarch, 7 2024


Host Michele Enriquez, alongside financial experts Jen Mink and Richard Rantz, compassionately address the hurdles many face in balancing daily needs with savings goals. Gain invaluable insights into navigating inflation and economic challenges, while discovering Patelco’s unwavering commitment to members. From personalized counseling to innovative programs and resources, this episode inspires you to embrace resilience and seize control of your financial journey.

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From Liquid to Term: Choosing the Right Savings Path

CalendarFebruary 21, 2024


Join Patelco’s Andrew Farrell and host Michele Enriquez for a candid conversation on finances. We discuss the unique savings rate environment, liquid vs. term accounts, and smart investment moves. Whether you’re planning for major milestones or seizing new opportunities, this episode is your compass to meeting your financial goals. Tune in for insights that resonate with your unique life journey.

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Cyber Security

Investing in Cyber Wellbeing: Be a Good Digital Citizen

CalendarFebruary 9, 2024


Join host Michele Enriquez and special guest, Patelco Principal of Info Security, Sean Casey, in a genuine dialogue to make your online experiences safer and more secure. From mobile hygiene to multi-factor authentication, it’s all about empowering you with the tools and knowledge to shield yourself from digital threats and embrace a more secure online existence.

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Financial Strategies

Dollars and Sense: A Realistic Guide to Your 2024 Finances

CalendarJanuary 8, 2024


Join our host Michele Enriquez and special guest Jennifer Mink, as they share invaluable insights, guiding you through smart spending, strategic saving, responsible borrowing, and purposeful planning. Discover real solutions to transform your financial health, ensuring a less stressful journey towards financial wellbeing. This chat is your go-to guide for a financially empowered 2024.

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Teen Checking

Beyond the Allowance: Insights from Real Mom Experiences

CalendarDecember 20, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez and Kelley Young in a heartfelt exploration of the deeper values embedded in teaching financial responsibility to teens. Beyond the practicalities of debit cards, this episode unfolds the emotional currency of fostering a healthy relationship with money. Discover how these small talks pave the way for a lifetime of intentional decision-making and enduring financial wellness.

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Holiday Spending

Sleighing the Holiday Debt Mindset

CalendarNovember 13, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez and special guest Veronica Dangerfield, Patelco’s Senior Financial Well-Being Educator, as they tackle the financial stress of the holiday season. Veronica shares practical tips to shift your mindset, normalize conversations about gift-giving, and create intentional, memorable experiences. Say goodbye to the pressure of overspending and embrace a joyous, financially compassionate holiday season. Tune in and sleigh your holiday debt mindset!

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Student Loans

Beyond the Pause: Exploring Student Loan Repayment

CalendarNovember 8, 2023


In this episode of ‘Small Talks for Big Change,’ join us as we dive into the post-pandemic landscape of student loans. As the pause on student loan payments comes to an end, we explore the challenges, changes, and newfound hope surrounding this financial topic. Our experts, Andrew and Kristi, share insights on navigating student loans, discuss repayment plans, and the evolving landscape of student loan forgiveness.

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Building Credit

ScoreUp: Building Credit, One Payment at a Time

CalendarOctober 19, 2023


In this episode of Small Talks for Big Change, Michele Enriquez and Mel Murguia from Patelco Credit Union discuss the significance of credit scores. They introduce ScoreUp, a unique credit-building product, and explain how it can benefit members. ScoreUp is a flexible solution that helps establish positive credit history and grow savings, regardless of credit scores. Tune in to learn more about this innovative tool at

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CU Difference

Erin Mendez on Credit Unions and their Global Impact

CalendarOctober 11, 2023


Erin Mendez, President and CEO of Patelco Credit Union, shares her career journey from the for-profit world to credit unions, highlighting the unique mission of “banking with a soul.” Erin discusses Patelco’s commitment to members’ financial wellness, her involvement with the World Council of Credit Unions the importance of spreading the credit union difference. Join us in celebrating the 75th anniversary of International Credit Union Day and learn more about Patelco’s mission.

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HSA Planning

HSA Planning

CalendarSeptember 25, 2023


As open enrollment season is upon us we welcome Maurice Catlett, an HSA specialist at Patelco as we dive into the world of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), shedding light on this misunderstood health plan option that doubles as a savings tool. Learn about the advantages, how to qualify, and how HSAs can help you save for future health expenses. Plus, discover the convenience and technology behind managing your HSA.

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Workforce Benefits

Elevate Wellbeing Benefits with Patelco at Work

CalendarSeptember 20, 2023


Join seasoned financial experts Peggy Wyman and Shaida Samimi as they unpack how our free Patelco at Work program is transforming financial wellness in the workplace. Our Patelco at Work team offers tailored solutions, from credit repair to budgeting.

Interested in learning how personal finances as part of an overall benefits program can help boost productivity and increase retention in the workplace? Visit

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Fraud Prevention

Unmasking Scams: Defending Your Financial Future

CalendarAugust 25, 2023


We delve into the ever-evolving landscape of scams and fraud. In this installment, of the Small Talks for Big Change podcast, we’re joined by Tiffany Kiefer, Principal of the Fraud Program at Patelco Credit Union, and an expert in the field. We explore the tactics fraudsters employ, from social media investment schemes to voice call impersonations. Tiffany provides invaluable insights on identifying red flags, staying resilient, and utilizing Patelco’s Fraud Resource Center. Safeguard your financial well-being by tuning in to this informative conversation.

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Smart Budgeting

The Saver-Splurger Dilemma: Balance in Your Budget

CalendarJuly 17, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez and Andrew Farrell in this episode as they discuss the importance of budgeting for financial wellness. They explore the balance between splurging and responsible spending, sharing tips on curbing impulsive purchases. Practical advice for getting started with budgeting, including using budgeting apps and separating accounts for different purposes. Discover how Patelco’s resources, such as certified financial coaches and a financial wellness library, can support your budgeting journey.

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Home Purchasing

Navigating the Path to Homeownership

CalendarJuly 11, 2023


In this episode of Small Talks for Big Change, Michele Enriquez discusses home buying with Fred Williams, a regional home loan officer at Patelco. They debunk myths about home loan rates and emphasize Patelco’s commitment to helping members achieve their homeownership goals. Fred highlights the importance of personalized guidance. Discover how Patelco’s approach stands out and learn more by scheduling an appointment with a home loan consultant today!

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Virtual Branch

Personalized Service from Anywhere with Virtual Branch

CalendarJune 20, 2023


Dive into the world of virtual banking with Patelco Credit Union’s award-winning Virtual Branch. Join Michele Enriquez, Membership Development Manager, along with certified financial counselor Jesslyn Flentroy and senior financial specialist Ginger Smith, as they explore the unique features and advantages of this innovative channel. Discover the convenience of face-to-face interactions, a wide range of transactions, and personalized support. Embrace hassle-free banking at and experience the future of banking.

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Financial Planning

The Power of Support: Patelco's CFS Coaching Program

CalendarMay 30, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez and Luis Jara in this episode of Small Talks for Big Change as they explore financial wellness and the significance of education and support. With nearly 40 years of combined industry experience, they discuss Patelco’s initiatives, including financial health assessments and a roadmap to financial freedom. Luis highlights Patelco’s free CFS coaching program, where Certified Financial Specialists provide personalized guidance. Visit for this invaluable resource.

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Fraud Prevention

Strengthening Account Security with a Trusted Contact

CalendarMay 15, 2023


Join Michele Enriquez, Membership Development Manager at Patelco Credit Union, and Jennifer Mink, Member Experience Manager, as they delve into the important topic of elder abuse and financial fraud in this episode of Small Talks for Big Change. Jennifer shares heartfelt stories, highlighting the rise in cases of elder financial abuse. Discover Patelco’s innovative Trusted Contact program, designed to protect vulnerable individuals and act promptly in cases of suspected fraud. Join the fight against elder financial abuse at

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Savings Rates

Understanding the High Savings Rates Environment

CalendarApril 21, 2023


In this episode of Small Talks for Big Change, Michele Enriquez interviews Walid Hissen, Vice President of Deposits at Patelco Credit Union. Walid discusses the current savings rate environment, the impact of inflation, and the role of the Federal Reserve’s discount rate. He highlights the value of certificate of deposit (CD) as a savings option. Emphasizing the importance of financial education, Walid advises listeners on choosing the right savings instrument based on their goals.

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Youth Banking

From Piggy Banks to Savings Accounts

CalendarApril 6, 2023


In this episode of Small Talks for Big Change, Michele Enriquez, Membership Development Manager at Patelco Credit Union, interviews Veronica Dangerfield, Senior Financial Wellbeing Educator, also known as Patelco’s Financial Cheerleader. They discuss the importance of financial education for young people and Veronica’s passion for empowering youth. Veronica shares tips on successful saving and highlights April’s National Financial Literacy Month, emphasizing the credit union youth movement and available resources for achieving financial wellness.

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Fraud Prevention

Recognizing and Avoiding Job and Romance Scams

CalendarFebruary 23, 2023


Join us in this episode as we uncover the growing issue of Romance Scams and Fraud in the digital age. Jennifer Mink, Member Experience Manager at Patelco Credit Union, sheds light on this vital topic. Jennifer shares valuable tips to prevent falling victim to Romance Scams and Fraud, and highlights resources available at Patelco’s Fraud Center. Stay vigilant and informed about the latest scams as we discuss how Patelco educates members and offers protection against fraud.

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Youth Banking

Financial Aid Basics

CalendarFebruary 23, 2023


In this episode, Kristi Longoria, Manager of Financial Health at Patelco Credit Union, joins us to discuss financial aid. As a Certified Financial Counselor, Kristi supports youth and families with FAFSA and scholarship navigation. Hosted by Michele Enriquez, they highlight the importance of financial aid education, loan options, and debt implications. They also touch on Patelco’s responsibility to educate members and the community, providing resources like setting up accounts and attending webinars.

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